(Re) Setting of Intentions
Stella J. McKenna

Lmao this is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I started a blog about 3 months ago and am having some serious growing pains at the moment…with all the crappy ass self disparaging doubt that creeps in with them. My last post was a short blip about what a shit week it was and how I didn’t really do anything on my To Do list lol, so I am soooooo hearing this post! Love it!!! Would love to reshare it on my blog but am not sure how to do that thru Medium, short of cutting and pasting and putting a link back to this post lol. Either way…this is brilliant and well timed! Thank you! Let’s both hit Reset and Begin. Again. It’s all good baby. Plus…you’ve inspired me to write a post to and FOR ME cuz what you’re saying is ridiculously echoing my sentiments. ❤️

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