It is really ohk to experiment with various things till you find something you are comfortable with, not something someone else wants you to be comfortable with. Once I accepted that, things got much easier.

My focus keep on shifting, one day I want to be Gardener, another day a theatre artist and Each day brings with it not just different idea but different perception and opinion in my mind.
After completing my studies, the biggest blessing was that I was allowed to purse each crazy idea that comes to my mind.
Things seems fancy from outside but when you try, give it your time and energy, know about it more and that is where you get to know answers of questions like Are you ready to put all your efforts and energy in it?
It is what you were craving for?
Is this worth fighting for?
If you get the answer “yes”, leave the world and follow your dreams.
People will not believe you; so don’t share it.
No one is going to trust you; it should not matter to you.
Follow your gut or intuition whatever and give a best shot of your life so that there is no room left for regret in future.

You need to trust your own struggle and only this would make a difference nothing else can or will.
During this journey you would go through phases when things won’t work the way u wanted or planned, don’t stop.
Look forward and think why did u hold onto it for so long?
Remember, “Perseverance is the key to success”.
Stretch more, lean forward and make it. Don’t listen to people; let them do their job. Your job is to ignore them and focus on what you are crazy for.

If you still have doubts in your mind then explore more.
One day you would find something worth dying for. Keep your eyes open. You never know what might strike your heart. Don’t settle in the boundary walls laid down for you, break them, go out and explore. You will surely find what you are craving for.
“Take risk if you win, you will be happy
If you lose, you will be wise”

“Keep looking, don’t settle”

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