Grow high, not far — The future of agriculture

I love meat. I love fresh salad. I love high quality foods. I love pesticide free food.

But when I think about farming, I feel like we have gotten it all wrong. We force animals that want to roam into tiny cages, while exposing plants to all kinds of pests, weather and dirt. We have gotten in wrong. Animals should be able to roam free while the plants should be inside, efficiently stacked and safe to grow.

Free range farming is on the rise but still too much of the crops is taken up by inefficient use of space, soil and water when it comes to plants. I hope that in a few decades we will be able to see all of our crop grown pesticide free inside of skyscrapers freeing up the horizontal space for animals and humans alike to roam more freely.

Here is a list of Startups that are currently working on getting indoor farms done, that I was impressed with. — This was the first company I ever heard of doing this kind of tech. I am super excited about this huge leap forward! — The first inside farming site I physically visited in Iceland a year ago. It made me wonder why Iceland is not a major exporter in foods yet. (If anyone knows the answer let me know!) I believe this company already points into the right direction allowing us to grow crops efficiently, that where before even considered rather hostile to agriculture.

A list of startups that are also doing and enabling this kind of growing:

Do you know of more companies who are doing this at the moment?

If you are as excited about this as I am let me know! Let the world know!