I Fell in Love with HTML

I can remember the last time when I used HTML for programming my web pages. It was in my university’s years. Since then I thought that HTML was a white and huge page with a lot of tables. I barely knew about CSS, and a new program called FLASH was becoming popular in my classroom. I had a lot of struggles building my web pages while my artistic classmates built their cool web pages without any problem. I tried to improve my programming skills by reading a lot of books about HTML from my faculty’s library and the Internet, but reading didn’t work for me, and I was disappointed with my programming ability to create cool web pages. As time past, I learned how to code in the back-end, and I felt comfortable in this zone.

During my work time, I usually worked as a back-end developer, and I could do things that helped people to improve their work. This made me feel great. However, sometimes I had to work with HTML and CSS, and I had a lot of struggles with margin, padding, tables, colors, and design on my web pages. As time past, I become a student at the Suncoast Developers Guild, and I fell in love with HTML and CSS. My teachers have a positive environment, and they encourage me to do my best every time. I finally understood about margin and padding. Furthermore, I learned a new thing called Flexbox. It makes flexible my web pages and helps on my design. I know that I need to improve a lot, but I learned that I can do cool web pages.