The Wolf Moon. January 2019
This is Your Personal January 2019.

Hello 2019, we made it! Look at us! Look at where we are & how we got here. I don’t want to be the one to say it, but go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. This month is about you, all about you. This is your personal month and the focus is you, you, you!

Take advantage of it if you need to & never forget who you are.

The resolutions you made in 2018, did you achieve them? What about for 2019, did you take time to make any? Personally, I never make resolutions. Not because I don’t stick to them, but I like to take it one day at a time. The way things change from week to week shouldn’t surprise any of us. Most of us feel and see those changes from day to day, so how are we going to commit to an entire year & “try” to stick with it? If you feel that you’d like to change the way you construct your resolutions, try it one day at a time. You could start this as soon as you wake up. Changing it as the day continues is fine because the day itself changes as well. You could also try doing this weekly, helping yourself out as the days continue. If you don’t feel that you need any type of resolution, then you don’t, at least not at the moment you feel this way. If you decide to change your mind then you just simply go with it. What I am trying to say is that you should always do what you need to do. If you need to make plans then do so, if not then just move on, or go with the flow.

We are in the time of rebirth & regeneration. This began on the 20th of December and will end on January 20th. This is a great time for new endeavors as you will have spirit. We are also seeing more creativity and fertility during this time. We may feel more relaxed, more protected, and also feel as though we are being healed quicker. When I say healing, it could mean quicker healing from a cold or the flu. If you’d like to, during this time, you can ward off any negativity to help you along your path by tying a Red Ribbon around a Birch Tree. The reason for the Birch tree is because this is the time of the Birch Moon, the Celts Lunar Tree Calendar. To protect an infant from psychic harm, you can hang Birch twigs over their cradle.

The day after the Birch Moon ends, we will enter The Wolf Moon, January 21st. Wolf Moon comes once per year, in January. Wolf Moon got its name from Native American Villages. During the month of January, amongst the cold & snowy month, wolf packs would howl outside of the Native Villages.

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Full Moon January 2019


• Moon Phase: Full Moon

• Illumination: 100%

• Moon Age: 15.67 days

• Moon Angle: 0.55

• Moon Distance: 363,413.980 km

• Moonset: 08:04:38

• Moonrise: 18:32:18

• Sun Angle: 0.54

• Sun Distance: 147,230,603.466 km

• Sunrise: 07:43:01

• Golden Hour Ends: 08:21:13

• Sunset: 17:47:30

• Golden Hour Starts: 17:09:18

• Length of day: 10h 04m 29s

Also, on the 21st of January, we welcome The Rowan Moon- January 21st-February 17th. This is associated with Brighid, the Celtic Goddess of Hearth & Home. She is the Fire Goddess who offers protection to Mother’s & Families and she watches over the hearth fires as well. This is a great time for Self-dedication if you practice as solitary; however, if you are part f a group, this is a great time for initiations. The Rowan is associated with Astral Travel, Personal Power, & Success. If you need added protection, you can carve a charm into a Rowan branch or twig as it will protect you from harm.

The month of January is about you. This is a great time to work on you & develop your inner self. Connect with yourself by focusing on your self-discovery and also your awareness. This is also a good time to connect with the deities of your Path.

Here is a list of Observances of the Pagan Calendar for January 2019.

January 1st is Hag’s Day. Honoring the Goddess as She Who Transforms. The day of Ishtar, Goddess of Love & Battle.

January 2nd-3rd is the Feat of Old to Goddess Hecate. She guides all through transitions and crisis.

January 6th is Triple Goddess Day. We honor The Maiden, The Mother, & the Crone. We honor the Goddess as the Three-in-one. We honor Shiva in the Day of the Lord if the Dance. Seeking his aid for prosperity and wisdom in this New Year.

January 9th is the Festival of Isis: Mother Goddess, Great Goddess, Throne of Egypt.

January 16th is the Festival of Ganesh, the God of Success

January 17th-18th is the Jewish Festival of Trees, Tu B’Shevat. It is celebrated by planting trees and Orchards for blessings.

January 17th-19th is the Feasts of Fate-Ruler of Past, Present, and Future.

January 18th is the day of Danu. It is the celebration of the Great Mother Goddess, the one that Shows the Way.

January 23rd is the Egyptian Day of Hathor, the Goddess of love, Tombs, and the Sky.

January 24th-February 1st is Semenitvae, an Old Roman Festival of sowing, honoring Gaia, Ceres, and Goddess Persephone.

It’s absolutely wonderful knowing that you have an entire month based on you. Of course, this month also depends on you & how you chose to go about it. If you believe that you are too busy to take advantage of any of this, you have to at least admit that you are worth it, otherwise, what’s the point. While there are many responsibilities that tap on our door at all hours, we must always keep in mind that if it wasn’t for us & everything that we do, life would be very different for a lot of people that depend on us. You need this month because people need you. Is it fair to say that, in that tone? I think it is. Look at who you are & what you do on a daily basis. There is so much that you do, especially all of those little things that you put behind you because to you, they don’t seem to matter. This is definitely not true, and all of those “little things” you pushed aside, mean so much to someone else. Don’t forget those, don’t push them to the side, & definitely don’t skip out on YOU!