Hey Matija, thanks for your questions! Happy to answer them.
Faruk Ateş

Thanks for the super positive response, Faruk!

I regret that last part of my response, it wasn’t ok. You’re right, I was being a bit dishonest about not taking it personally. It was probably because I was failing to keep these things in the context of the headphones. Some tweets (like the one I previously linked) basically said “fuck off, strangers, I don’t ever want to have anything to do with you”, which was hard to hear, but I was failing to read between the lines: that it’s okay to meet people on occasions that you talked about, just not so obtrusively, the extreme being while wearing headphones. And more importantly, I was failing to see the pain behind those words. :(

I have already been following your advice, I guess sometimes I’m reading too literally. Thanks for clearing it up, you have a beautiful way of communicating. ;)

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