The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

In full disclosure I didn't read your entire article. half way through I could determine your position fully.
Here are some over reaches you have made in my opinion. “This is how a properly functioning society reacts to an event like San Bernardino”Based upon who’s perspective. Yours? The guns were actually purchased legally. They were transferred illegally, and also modified illegally. I do however support a life sentence/death penalty for the purchaser of the weapons as his actions were deplorable. Are you willing to put him to death? Im going to speculate not…On that note I will return your volley and put forth the claim that a properly functioning society would put him to death; as he clearly broke the law and endangered the lives of many through his illegal actions.
In any properly functioning society, Apple would get adulation for standing up to a Government trying to do this. Again, your bias here. I would think that you would also support the rights of americans to bear arms. Although I agree with Apple’s stance on the situation, I also support our constitutional 2nd amendment as well. You simply cannot “cherry pick” the rights that fit nicely into your argument. Our rights are guaranteed until amended.

I also tend to agree that the “security apparatus is overblown”. There maybe some over reach by the government here. As you know, citizens can be a bit overzealous at all levels as clear by this article you have written. The difference between you and them is they wield actual influence beyond the pen. But I must admit possible over reach.

I believe that had the Aurora shooter been reported to authorities as being under psychiatric care we may have stopped him. Had the mother of the Sandyhook shooter properly secured her firearms in the household of a known disturbed child, they may have prevented the killings. This overblown security apparatus may have caught these shooters. Still these are not actionable laws I mentioned. They were lapses of judgment by people.

Finally, I agree that American lives may be taken by “forces of nature”. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, SHARKS. All mostly unforeseen. HOWEVER! A radicalized human who has again taken up a Zealots outlook is very dangerous. Criminals are dangerous. I take solace knowing that I have firearms that “may” prevent them from taking my families lives. The “forces of nature” are unpredictable. A religious fanatic, criminal, crack dealer, rapist with a gun is predictably dangerous. Lets focus more on personally accountability in the future and less about blaming inanimate objects. After all a firearm doesn't decide to fire itself. A shark doesn't decide to just bite a human knowingly. We simply cannot make correlations between deranged people and hungry animals. One has intent the other does not comprehend intent.

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