The Checklist Manifesto

The first thing I do when I start my work week is review my email and create a checklist on my Todoist app on my iPhone. The checklist varies from week to week, and even day to day based on the tasks needed to be done, but it is. the most productive thing that I will do for myself all week and it is something I don’t skip. I will always take a few minutes to write a checklist for myself.

When Atul Gawande was tasked with developing a system to decrease the amount of errors in medicine, he looked at hospitals around the world as well as explored non medical professions. The further he explored the non medical world, the more he discovered that professionals such as construction, aviation and even finance use a combination of checklists and communication between the team in order to be sure that everything that needs to be done is getting done properly and most importantly, that there is a checks and balance system in place. And indeed, when the practice was introduced to the operating room it became an important tool that is growing in popularity. Not only is it proving to be effective at catching common mistakes, it helps build relationships in surgery, a tool that is also proving to be effective.

The further I read into this short book, the more I felt confident in my dependence in keeping my own personal checklist here at work. It is a good system, no matter what you use it for, but it especially helpful if you work a job where a strict set of discipline is necessary.