Sylvia Plath Looked Good in a Bikini—Deal With It
Emily Van Duyne is a critic, poet, prof, & mom.

Sylvia Plath is an icon of her time, but since then, we know about mental illness, and clinical depression much more, and we know it can affect anyone, no matter what they look like. She was an attractive girl who went to the beach who happened to be severely depressed and killed herself. The word genius is so overused and overrated in all the arts; why people have a need to label artists other than mere human baffles me. Many intelligent women are depressed, as are men. This isn’t an issue anymore. People who have the need to fill a writing issue, and critics, are the ones who fabricate this nonsense in order to keep their jobs. Icons are an illusion, they are created by news and critical writers. It all filler my friends. This is normal life.

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