Day 3 at Andela Boot camp week 1….Hello World

Just want to tell you something interesting from my room in Kampala about the Andela Boot camp week 1, experience l have had for the past 3 days…

It’s been a tough, fun couple of days so far at the Andela Boot camp week 1,with the challenges each day, new friends being made through the team allocated and slack groups.

I have not been so caught up like this and up tight where l cannot not leave my seat until l feel l have got the piece of job done whenever l check my pivot tracker and find am still lagging behind with the schedule l set a time frame for which that piece of work should be done, with the focus head to become an Andela fellow, I tell myself Bruno this is the way and you have to take it.

Oooooohh yes the Andela Boot Camp is a way, a way to becoming a professional world class developer, it’s been less than 4 days into the boot camp and l have learnt and started perfecting my python, come to think about it that l had never coded seriously with python until Andela came along,with in this couple of days i have learnt:

  • To dig more into the Growth Mindset i have had within in me.
  • For instance i have had to go through a good bit of the python and flask documentation to meet the requirements for the challenges both 1 and 2, Not forgetting the video resources provided.
  • And the best part was learning how to deploy my flask Application to Heroku, after what l can only refer to as a marathon of learning from different resources and time being a factor also gave me the chance to know that if you cannot make in time inform the person in charge and tell them why and when u expect output.
  • When a challenge gets though say errors keep popping up after another,pause for a minute rethink what you have done and also stay calm. Then start walking through the errors one by one.
  • Project management these might have been uneasy challenges for a person new to python but with tools like PivotTracker for project management i was always following through my management plan. Can call it a Timetable for doing my challenges
  • Using Github and git on how to track my work changes, Was an update to my learning curve.

I can now say to myself l can finish what l started with research resources provided and help from others on how to handle a problem being faced because each step l made to learning something new like solving a challenge, l have loved more and more what am doing..

Team learning with Andela

Don’t be too shy, lazy or overconfident to seek help we all need it at some point.


You Own Your Own Learning this has kept me going each step of the way.