• (currently) Javascript
  • (4Q19 Nebulas Force) various languages (Java, Python, Solidity, etc) and high-level languages (Haskell, DSL, etc)
  • multi-language SDK (iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Python, etc)
  • debugger
  • mobile support with DApp store
  • etc
  • Verified Random Function (VRF)
  • Accept function
  • Oracles
  • etc

What is VRF ?

What is Accept function ?

Currently, most blockchains execute transactions serially, that is, transactions are packed and verified in a block one by one. It is easy but slow.

Nebulas’ solution is to implement a Parallel Execution Model (PEM), that is, packing and verifying many transactions concurrently. But there is a problem.

  • Some transactions are independent (ie A → B, C → D). They have no relationships.
  • Some of them are dependent (ie A → B, A → C). They have relationships.

The relationships are recorded in DAG, and then the transactions are verified concurrently.

(Nebulas’ version of DAG implementation is not the same as IOTA’s, though there are some similarities)

TPS: up to 2,000

Due to the nature of DAG, when there are more users and DApps on Nebulas = numbers of independent transaction increase = higher speed.

Jun 2017: Nebulas founded

3Q17: Whitepaper. Code open sourced

4Q17: Testnet 1Q18: Nebulas 1.0 (Eagle Nebula)

2Q18: Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper. Improve mainnet functionalities, developer tools & documentation.

4Q18: Nebulas 2.0 (Nova). Nebulas Rank (NR). DIP Mauve Paper.

2Q19: Nebulas Force (NF) Green Paper

4Q19: Nebulas 3.0. Nebulas Force (NF). Proof of Devotion (PoD)

Hey mate….how do I to get started ? 😅

(provided by a kind community member. Tx is so so cheap on Nebulas, it costs only ~0.0000003 USD per tx 😊😊)

#real_informational_advantage = when moon ?

What is CoinFi ?

CoinFi is a decentralized market intelligence platform, or the ‘Bloomberg of crypto’. Although there are many competitors, due to the fragmented nature of crypto, currently there isn’t any dominant platform for investors.

CoinFi’ high quality team is building a one-stop-shop for investors, by using both…

(v1.0……to be edited)

  • “when moon when lambo $$$$”
  • the REAL passion & vision that resonates with blockchain

What about the REAL passion & vision that resonate with blockchain……can result in “when moon when lambo” = a win-win situation.

Amid the current “when moon/lambo” crypto world, the REAL passion & vision…


Passion for every beautiful thing

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