EthLink Weekly Update — February 10th –2018

Link Platform Launch in Main Network

We’re glad to announce the official date the platform will be launched on the Ethereum main net and silver trading will be initialized, this date is March 10th.

It will require KYC/AML for new user registrations and first platform will be Desktop, IOS and Android support will be added afterwise, it will comprehend several amounts for purchases and token supply will be modified by user demand, silver available to be purchased will be publicy backed by certificates and audits provided by our third party partnership and they will be viewable before platform launch.


Marketing will start sooner than that date aiming to viralize our platform targeting blockchain related news sites, social media, fintech websites & blogs, forex communities, and silver & gold trading related communities.

Module Integration

After the initial release, additional modules will be integrated to the platform such as our Decentralized user to user Lnks-Eth Exchange and Silver Price Prediction indicator.


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