Link Platform & Silverlink Update — June 16th–2018

Dear Community,

Some time has passed since the last update we published about the platform, we encountered some difficulty when building the bridge that connects Metamask
 transactions with user accounts, we’re still in the process of creating this important function to link Metamask transactions with each user account to activate redemption among other extra features inside the dashboard.

We’re also fixing the account registration and login errors that are not allowing the user to complete these processes.

The platform overall progress is now at 95% and soon the ability to create more LNKS tokens will resume, after it, the platform will be ready and live for every public.

We want to embrace a big range of clients, from exchanges, institutional funds, and individual users, to accomplish this we need to surpass many challenges and provide a high-quality Token that can be used as a fast currency besides an investment vehicle to protect wealth. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this last phase.

Link Team

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