Link Platform Weekly Update — April 12–2018

Dear Link Community,

We are at a very few days before our expected launch of Silver Link Platform in main net, on April 16th the whitelisting will start, please be prepared to submit your documents in order to get your account whitelisted for you to be able to buy Silver backed Tokens after the 21th.

At this point we’ve completed the logic of the account system that will be in the live net version, you can now check a testing version that is live here: , this version uses the same contracts of Rinkeby Beta version.

As you can see now, the platform is ready and every test has been sucessfully completed.

Airdrop Promotion

We’ll be giving away 0.3 LNK for every KYC completion, once the platform is live, you will only have to register and submit your documentation, then you will receive the reward in your account address.

Repositories updated:


Smart Contracts:


Contact and Follow Us:

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