Link Platform Weekly Update — April 21–2018

Hi Guys!

This has been a great week for Link Platform, with the launch of

Main Net Launch

Today, the platform has ended the whitelisting period, it has now been launched in Ethereum Main Net, we’re still finishing KYC approval, in a lapse of 24–48 hours the platform will perfectly accept new purchases of LNKS.

Where are we heading now?

With the platform being live, we will now focus in the most important thing: getting customer adoption.

What does it mean? This includes constant updates to our DApp interface and DApp website, marketing through key channels and forums, community growth, advertisement and embracing mobile platforms markets, (first releasing IOS and Android Wallets) .

LNKS Token security

Every LNKS Token is always backed 1–1 by fine certified silver, this reserves can always be confirmed by the user, silver vault is located at the Cayman Islands Facility managed by SWPCompany , Silver Link team doesn’t control the silver being held at the vault, they will only redeem silver by receiving LNKS Tokens, this put the customer in a big advantage since they will always know the silver reserves are always matching to 1–1 Tokens in circulation.


Our contracts are always public and can be audited by every user, please check our Ghitub.

We’ve updated our Token contracts

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