Press Release — Launch of Platform

Hong Kong — 3:49 April 14—New York City —15:49 April 13— Mexico City — 14:49 — Paris— 21:49

LNK Silver Link team (Link Platform) is planning to launch their silver trading platform on April 16 starting with a User Whitelisting, five days later the Application will fully launch and minting will start at

For the users who already don’t know what Link Platform does, here is a brief overview: Silver Link Platform focuses in offering silver trading on the blockchain using the Ethereum network as host, fast selling and buying of a fully 1–1 silver backed token will be available in the platform as well as tradable in secondary markets.

Link Platform has two kind of tokens listed below:

LNK already available for trading is the token behind the economy ecosystem of

LNKS Token is the name designated for the fully silver backed 1–1 Token.

Link Platform Team expects a big number of users being interested on this system, starting from users that are bullish on silver metal price but they would prefer an easier and faster way to acquire it rather than buying it directly from a retail seller.

LNKS will offer several features one of them is availability to sell LNKS in return of Ethereum right away with a very low spread just like most crypto-currencies and unlike CFDs; you can redeem it for physical silver in their location or online by submitting a form.