SilverLink Update —February 3rd — 2019

Dear All!

Regarding our upcoming event on a special fund collection for the enlargement of our platform, this extension is the first step of the global network that will be released.

This fund is a step event set before our platform starts to massively increase the number of users in both Silverlink platform and cryptocurrencies in general.

Our platform will multi-expand to fill new sectors never imagined.

Both Tokens will be completely rebuilt to add special features and improve the performance, simplicity, and speed of our system.

What can you expect from this?

LNK Tokens will be straightly converted for the New Platform LNX at no cost.

The main number of LNX will be sold at 300 / 1 Ether.

The maximum cap of the event will be at 5,000 ETH, this will provide 1,500,000 LNX sum combined with the alternative allocations of LNX.

LNX Token :

function { Transferable (toany)

TransferFrom (allowed)

function { Token is PausableToken

function { MintableToken

function { Divisible 1:00000000000000000

Fillable - Allocation of other assets

(By allocating balances of other Tokens in the same address the system provides a way that surpasses current standards)

Assertion — Assertability of other methods containing multiple characters belonging to the same line of command.

function { Mutability (general development interlaced on-going)

With our latest expectations, we are sure to meet every one expectation by the completion of every step specified in our whitepaper.

This program is pointed to drastically improve further goals set by our needs.

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