The SilverLink Update — December 26th — 2018

Along with completing many steps planned within the team, The Silverlink Network has a Roadmap to complete, this is to meet all customer expectations inside the application performance and upgrade our current systems into a new generation application level.

We believe the current systems are not meeting the clients expectations so we are ready to insert new upgrades that will satisfy this needs along with getting additional data to perform additional updates to be up to date regarding the standards in the industry, we will provide an application that will meet all this standards along creating additional tools that other applications also provide.

The path to do this is very easy, it’s about creating a new network of users dedicated to the trade of Digital Silver in the decentralized markets, this new markets dedicated to the trade of metals in the Internet will create a high demand of users wanting to try the applications by themselves. This new standards the industry is expecting are creating a high demand of high quality applications that are related to the transfer and manage of money / commercial assets, without this new technology the mentioned expectations couldn’t be meet. Our intention to create this new technology application comes from the point of inserting a new way of managing economical problems within the new century society. We are not avoiding the use of an standard monetary systems but we want to provide additional tools to fill the hole that is empty with many existing problems regarding the use of automated tools and potential dangerous ways of trading inside the current monetary system.

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