The SilverLink Update Network — January 3rd — 2019

Hi Everyone!

In our last days, we wanna make sure everything is functioning correctly by adding the correct tools needed by the whole program, we are heading to a vast space of possibilities awarded within the ecosystem to deliver the maximum quality possible within each user expectations, by this method we are secure to offer the possibility of creating a successful ecosystem by adding the features wanted by the community.

Our new platform is being directed to the correct use of a technology related to the digital economy created within the cryptocurrency market to meet each user expectations alongside by integrating new technologies neverseen before.

We are ready to make constant progress of our work by giving full clarification in how we are using our resources in clarification to the delivered work. We must comply with all the regulations available for the correct use of our software, this includes but not limited to the creation of additional contracts in order to support additional networks requested by the community. Our regulations apply to several problems encountered in our system by the transfer of additional resources needed by the platform. Additional ways of contract management may be required by the use of our software.

With our initial commitment, we fully agree to perform the needed actions requested by the community, this includes complying with additional rules that were not specified on the primary documents by creating additional ways of proceeding when requiring additional information requested by the community.

When we release new information regarding to our commitments, we are ready to make the solutions registered by our users.

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