Points To Remember Before Buying a Villa

After you have decided to move in to the next chapter of your life, i.e. an investment for a home, you need to ask yourself a very important question. The question is ‘Shall I invest in a flat in a residential society or shall I go for an independent house?” The answer lies on your life goals and priorities. In the beginning, you obviously would not want to spend a chunk of money on luxurious Bungalows that usually require a higher amount of investment. But, with life’s advances, you will require a larger house for your family, children and old age. So, if you are looking at the future and planning to buy a villa, ask yourself the following questions-

· Shall I extend the floor area? Usually villas provide you with a lot of open space. However, you might require more once your family extends. So, for that part, it is essential for you to check for extension provisions beforehand.

· Is open living the best idea for me? If you are fascinated about the idea of open living being close with nature with a lot of privacy, a villa is an ideal accommodation for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for compact dens with a lot of people and facilities just by the door of your home, it is better for you to opt for a flat.

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· Do I have enough financial resources? If you are on limited means, it will not be wise to jump into the market for buying a bungalow. Usually, private homes are way costlier than apartments, so be prepared to spend a major chunk of your savings.

· Are there elderly members in your family? Nothing is better than a private villa for elderly members in your family. The privacy, lack of noise and other disturbances, low floor height, closeness to greeneries etc are extremely beneficial for senior citizens.

· Have you got any pets? You need to obtain special permission from the housing authorities if you will have pets in your home. But, with a private house, you can keep your pets without worrying about people’s opinion.

· Do you have a knack for re-designing your home? If decorating your home is one of your favorite hobbies, it is better to choose a private villa since you will enjoy full freedom of refurbish your house as you please.

A perfect home, with all the amenities and no restrictions on the components and no intrusion to privacy, row houses in Rajarhat are the ideal choice of private villas for you in Kolkata.