Private House vs. Apartments

While considering a property, we often think of other alternatives rather than just a simple flat. While apartments give you a compact sense of living with safety and security at hand, bungalows are fascinating in terms of privacy, open space and luxury. If you are on the lookout for a residential property and are confused between a flat and a bungalow, go through the following pointers-

Advantages of apartments -

· Security - Apartments are under the vigilance of the security personnel deployed at the gate of housing societies. Moreover, most of the developers ensure that the common areas are enabled with CCTV cameras and outsiders are kept at a bay from entering the main residential blocks. Thus, living in an apartment is the safest choice if you mostly have to travel on work leaving your family behind.

· Amenities - Most of the apartments provide you with a clubhouse, indoor games facilities and recreational amenities within the campus. This enables you to attain a balanced life without even going out of your boundary.

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· Service - The housing societies ensure uninterrupted power, water and cooking gas for its residents, thus you can be assured of a hassle free life.

· Maintenance - Some societies conduct yearly maintenance service for the apartments. Otherwise, in case of sudden problems, plumbers, electricians and other mechanics are available on call by the society.

Advantage of Private Bungalows -

· Freedom - An independent house gives you a greater degree of freedom. You can decorate your house as you wish, you can experiment with everything. Some housing societies frame rules like non-allowance of pets etc, which is not there on the independent bungalows.

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· Space - There is a lot of open space available when you buy your own house. You can plant trees, build a children playground or can also expand the house there in future.

· Peace - Living in one’s own little house is extremely peaceful. You will not have to deal with loud and nosy neighbors that intrude into your privacy. Vice versa, you need to not worry to worry about the sound seepage to the adjacent apartment while you have a great party going on at your place.

· Luxury - Admit it, owning a bungalow is a symbol of high status. It brings a sense of luxury and your peers will have you in high esteem. This is a social satisfaction that comes with one’s independent house.

Thus, both an apartment and an independent house have their own set of advantages. If you are looking for a private bungalow, a 4BHK villa in Rajarhat is your best choice for their availability, affordability and convenience.