Debuting VR in Indonesia’s Education Scene at GESS 2019

As the world is accelerating — so too are the needs of every educational institution in the world.

Joined by thousands of education professionals, we had a great time interacting across Indonesia’s key educational players over the three days of Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS) Indonesia 2019. GESS is one of Indonesia’s largest educational exhibitions, hosting over 80 exhibitors, more than 6000 visitors, and cutting edge seminar programs.

Down at the expo, we packed our stand with our immersive VR headsets for guests to try. It was such a pleasure to see visitors being immersed in our technology as they experienced it themselves. We received a variety of questions, feedback and had insightful conversations with a range of education professionals, government officials, and students.

David Arianto, Country Manager of Silversea Media Indonesia, presented at the Innovation Stage. He highlighted the importance of active learning and provided a great overview on how virtual reality can improve the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms.

Overall, we had a great time catching up with industry leaders, whilst representing SilVRgrow Technology. A big thanks to our friends at GESS 2019 for their hospitality. And of course, we owe thanks to the many attendees and supporters for a tremendous event! Through immersive technologies, we are always committed to enhancing the quality of education.

Ananta Kusuma, Senior Advisor to the Minister on Innovation and Competitiveness, Ministry of Education and Culture, tested our SilVRgrow Technology solution.
Silversea Media Group

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