“Why Won’t She Behave?”: The Demand for Hillary Clinton to Apologize
Susan Bordo

Clinton couldn’t win against a candidate that started his race as a joke and as an unelectable candidate. More importantly, she couldn’t win against him with all the hyperbole she spun around him.

She ran an abysmal campaign, ignored most of the issues that were important to the public, and promoted herself as a ‘vagina.’ That’s not even going into her wrong-doings that no one in her campaign managed to address.

When it was all over, when the votes were tallied and the result of the elections was counted, she hid instead of addressing those who supported her. She didn’t much care about their need at that time or the importance of grace in defeat. I wonder if that was the time the entire Russia conspiracy came to be.

And then, there were the interviews, the talks, and other public appearances that she used to blame the entire universe, instead of herself. She blamed the DNC, her staff, the culture, poor people, rich people, and misogynists that she managed to invent amongst others — because nothing is her fault. The entire universe conspired to take that victory from her.

Her supporters? They cheered and marched and protest for her benefit. Because the fascists have taken root, they believed. They were manipulated, the same way you were manipulated to believe the nonsense you wrote.

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