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it is too easy to blame the system.

I agree. Though, my intention was not to throw the blame on something else and ignore people tendencies to vote based on emotions, rather than logic and common sense.

It’s just something to consider when we have a debate on why and how certain candidate got elected. Likewise, the common tendency to paint the group who voted for said candidate or the opposing candidate as awful (to say the least), is also ridiculous.

it could be said that the system includes the media which is guilty of continually ignoring those who do not vote.

I’d say the media ignored anything that didn’t hold to their preconceived notions. They just followed their narrative. I think that it’s important to keep in mind that they are more conglomerates and corporation who more interested in graphs and statistics of what generates more income, than what follow the journalistic ethic and how to uncover the truth.

There is a culture in almost all countries that those who do not vote simply do not ‘count’.

In the current case, it seems people just imagine that all those who didn’t vote, were just lazy because they wanted to vote for Clinton, but the media indicated that there was no need to do so.

I agree that in many cases, this holds true. I think those who didn’t vote should have their lack of vote more telling than those who did vote, especially with the number of people who chose not to vote — which is staggering.

46% of the US electorate did not vote: far more people than voted for either Clinton or Trump.

I actually had no idea that this number was so high. Frighteningly high, in fact.

In some places (e.g. Australia) voting is compulsory which is just as bad.

Where I live, over a decade ago some politician, in an interview, declared that voting in the election should be compulsory. Even the interviewer had troubles maintaining a straight face in light of how ridiculous it is and the general consensus was that people not voting were more telling about the political system, than those that did.