I do appreciate a thoughtful response. Thanks for taking the time.
Jhagi Bhai

I do appreciate a thoughtful response. Thanks for taking the time.

I do enjoy the exchange of ideas where no one is shouting at me, blocking me, or making my gender the focus of my existence (and later claiming that gender does not exist).

Sorry it took me so much time to respond.

I take your point, what we focus upon expands yes?

Endlessly, it seems.

As to the counter-intellectualism, this is it. We are the resistance.

I agree we have many who oppose and rebuttal the nonsense talking points of social justice in general and Feminism in particular, but not really in the classroom and academia.

The only academic who stand in opposition to those ideas is Jordan B. Peterson, who seem to have the ability to oppose academic ideas from within the academia and somehow remain calm and composure during debates and interviews. Other than him, I’m not aware of anyone else.

Of course, this is a good time to bring up YouTube personalities who managed to bring this topic to the forefront but failed to actually battle those ideas beyond their small circle of fans. Sargon’s petition to attack the academia directly seemed to be confronted with nonsensical responses from his fellow YouTubers.

Unfortunately, as long as feminism has free reign in their designed courses, the problem will remain. I believe this is the linchpin of feminism and social justice and should be the focus, rather than just the center for mockery.

Feminism derives its power from the assumption: any opposition is misogyny.

Yes, they seem to know how to frame the topics to make those assertion seem legitimate and be regarded as a worthy university major for a young student to take — of course, some take it as it’s quite easy course and fall for the narrative.

Misogyny, racism, sexism, and other ‘isms’ and ‘phobias’ are what makes dictionaries an obselete medium. Consider that misogyny used to mean hatered or disdain of women, but instead came to mean a disagreement with one, due to broadening and simplefying the term to the point that it stop meaning anything. There are proabably only a handful of actual misogynyst in society and even there most of those have a psychological reason for it.

I’ve been told, I suffer from fatal internalized misogyny

Don’t you follow the narrative? For shame! Usually, when people start throwing weak general insult like that, it means they don’t really have an argument and don’t really understand why they hold certain beliefs. Most of it is thir lack of understanding as to why you don’t want to be part of their tribe.

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