I don’t think that anybody believes that Hillary meant that exactly half of all Trump supporters…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I don’t think that anybody believes that Hillary meant that exactly half of all Trump supporters were bigots. However, evidence suggests that she was being kind in her assessment.

I don’t Hillary meant it. I don’t think any politician actually means half of what they say. They speak to the voters and what they believe people want to hear. It is the same with Barnie Sanders and Donald Trump.

As for the polls, from the little I’ve noticed, they include a very small sample size. There is also a mixture of several surveys that might paint a flawed picture.

I could use the same argumentation to hint that Clinton supporters are undemocratic. Why? because if we take a sample size of all the protests, violent outbursts, and false hate-crime reports, then the majority are hell bent on revoking the democratic process.

This argument is nonsense, of course, as riots, protests, and stupid people doing stupid things are not a representation of the whole, but of a subset of people who have a harder time accepting the results.

I don’t actually think that what she said was that outrageous. Trump have said similar things, like the article you linked to mentions:

Trump’s shocking statement was saying that Hillary Clinton could murder someone in front of a crowd of 20,000 people and get away with it.

In a way, that’s even worse. I don’t see how this isn’t true for his own supporters, as well.

I agree with you that evil people don’t like to be called evil, crazy people don’t like to be called crazy, and bigots don’t like to be called bigots. But isn’t it interesting that so many Trump supporters thought Hillary was talking about them? Geez — if the shoe doesn’t fit, try not to wear it.

In a family of five trump supporters, half the family is racist. That means your sibling, parent, or even a friend — statistically speaking, of course.

I think you miss the real reason why people are so delicate about such insults. You mention that racist people don’t like to think of themselves as racist, but good people also don’t like to think of themselves as racist. they also don’t enjoy the accusation.

Add to that the fact that Trump ‘radicalize’ (for lack of a better term) his supporters with all manner of “crooked Hillary,” and other such phrases, and you’ll understand why people are going insane.

The same can be true for the other side, as well.

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