I’m a little unsure as to your point, as on one hand you mention political machinations in the cold…
Alexander E Jones

I don’t think the Democratic Party is dangerous to America. I think it necessary and an important part in the American democracy, though, having only two parties is a disadvantage that presented itself as two, mostly bad option in the 2016 elections.

Delving too much into the past will just make us run in circles. If we go back enough, we eventually reach the racist Democratic party that has no bearing on the current ideology that drives the people in the party. The same goes for the Republican party.

This is the result of moral arguments. They actually serve no productive part in any form of mature discourse and only serve as a shaming tactic to get the upper-hand. This is the result of the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections (at the very least) and it doesn’t matter if you like or dislike the result, as this tactic managed to create a divide in the US.

no conservative has ever done anything cruel or insulting to any assumed-liberal demographic in the following years, and everything that looks like actual personal grievances is actually a well-orchestrated series of lies crafted by the democratic party.

There were plenty of wrong-doings on both sides. It is important to see the trend that is forming and fight against it, no matter which side is culpable in promoting it.

Take for example the recent “Shakespear in the Park” grievance where conservative tried to shut down the event because “it promoted violence” or some similar nonsense. It was not only the people trying to shut down the event, but the many conservatives who boarded the ‘offended’ train, after years of calling many progressives snowflakes for shutting down events because it promoted violence against some marginalized group.

Even the recent issue with Trump Jr. with his ridiculous meeting that does not prove anything regarding Russia, but showed the person willing to make shady deals — something that conservatives would have cried bloody-murder if it the shoe was on the other foot.

It’s important to look at those events and frame them correctly and sometimes take the side of the opposition because your side is being ridiculous. Most importantly, your support needs to be based on your belief system and not party affiliation.

I can tell you that my own personal grievances with conservatives as a group do not come from the fact that Democrats told me they’re evil

I didn’t imply that there is a Democrat going around neighborhoods and shouting propaganda over and over to cement that belief system.

It has more to do with the nuances of social media, the mainstream media, and even the movies and TV you consume. It’s mostly about suggestion, rather than direct manipulation.

Also: thank you for filling out my “offended conservative” bingo card for today

Glad to be of service. What did you win?

What gives you the idea that I think you’re a bigot or malicious?

Well, considering you didn’t address me (or knew of my existence) I didn’t think you were referring to me. Your big overarching generalization made that implication about Republicans (that I’m not, but that’s not really the point).

Your moral argument implied bigotry and malicious intent.

not like I’m the one trying to claim what you’ve lived was merely shoved down your throat.

The human condition is a collection of experiences, reactions, and socialization that forms a personal belief system (among other contributing factors). Unfortunately, like most internet discussion boards, subtlety is a disadvantage and sometimes using big words like “shoving” make your point come across more accurately than talking about the subtle nature of information — though, don’t disregard the nature of subtlety and the way the mainstream media works to shape minds. There is a reason that CNN and other news networks are broadcasting the Russia nonsense non-stop for the past 9 months.

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