Ohioans Can’t Let a Lone Wolf Attack Become a Victory for Extremism
War Is Boring

I fail to see why you rush to the defense of the person and the community he was a part of. He may very well have been a lone-wolf, being radicalized by bad experiences, but not necessarily.

You continue to harp on Fox News for leaning right and calling terrorism about everything before there is a reason, showing their bias. To that, I can just ask “what else is new?” and “how is it different from all the left-leaning news outlets?”.

The left-leaning media just shield criticism from anyone who is part of the “marginalized” group and directing it to the evil white men and his evil supremacy. Same thing with a different face.

Imagine for a moment that a white man had committed this action. Let’s also say he was a ‘gamer’ who played violent games and came from a wealthy family. Would your article say the same? That he was a lone-wolf, radicalized by extremists, that his community is not to blame, and that this has nothing to do with white supremacy? Or would the opposite be true?

Was this an act of terrorism? I don’t know, and I won’t condemn an entire group of people for an action I know nothing about, but I won’t spare the feelings of certain people when there’s an ideology within their group who ‘normalizes’ those types of actions. I would encourage them, instead, to find ways to separate themselves from said ideology and stand against it.