My fellow white men doing what we do best, pontificating about any subject we have absolutely no…
Stephen Blobaum

I may not speak for Traditional Tradesman, as he is an individual and not part of any cult that I’m aware of, quite in the same way you are not the spokesperson for white people or have any understanding of the point being made by him.

Let me put it as plainly as I can: BLM and the likes of The DiDi Delgado, are the carbon copy of the KKK and the common Klansman from the time where such belief system was deemed acceptable and worthy of discussion. Her rhetoric is one of vile antipathy where she attacks individuals and group for her own monetary benefit without caring about the consequences.

The people who cheer and clap are not the people being harmed by any “institutionalized racism,” but are spoilt brats who cannot come to terms with the fact they got everything they ever wanted in life. They are not poor and neither are they in need of any form of equity in life. They are the vile crowd who cheered for Adolf Hitler, they are the ‘journalists’ who used propaganda to vilify the Jews in the 1930’s, and they are the aristocrats who kick the homeless man laying in the street, less they ruin their suit.

A time will come when there is a chance you’ll comprehend what I wrote here. In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll continue to believe in the inequity of the rich suffering from poor people existence on the same earth.