When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

I think it’s more about holding physicians to higher standards of practice, rather than framing this as an assault on pregnant women . The story you tell here is a scary reality, but a change would be easier if we, as patients and human beings demand better treatment. Those type of medical ‘professionals’ are not limited to the delivery room, unfortunately, though, it seems that in those circumstances, the patient is in a more delicate state (generally).

Before my wife gave birth to our son, we both tried to educate ourselves on the process and where to draw the line, and I made extra care to be with her throughout the process and dictate the terms of her care. Fortunately, we didn’t experience that kind of ‘care, ’ and while the process couldn’t be considered pleasant, it wasn’t the harrowing experience as you describe in your story.

I wish Turbin luck in her lawsuit. Hopefully, her success in court will force a change in the delivery room.

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