Comey also admitted to leaking government documents related to a counter intel investigation and…
Paul Frantizek

I think that people don’t give the full weight to the fact that Comey hid the truth about the Trump investigation. If he handled the entire investigation with a modicum of self-control and following obvious procedures, it wouldn’t be such a big issue.

The problem started with him unable to keep his mouth shut and whoring himself to the press, going to every interview, answering questions pertinent to the investigation, and telling the entire world what Trump had for lunch — and yet — when the time came to actually say “there is nothing linking Trump to any sort of collusion with Russia,” suddenly he opts to keep his mouth shut.

This is something that was brought up in this latest facade that was treated as primetime entertainment: everything was leaked and talked about, apart from the thing that pushes the entire investigation forward. Something that isn’t really a crucial part of the investigation and has no bearing on it.

As for the leaks themselves: people should be held accountable and by ‘accountable,’ I mean prison. The people right to know is one thing, but leaking pertinent material on an ongoing investigation should not be tolerated.