After My Response to Her Hateful Post Rose to #1, Cowardly Race-Baiter The DiDi Delgado Blocked Me…
Traditional Tradesman

I think what you are pointing to, here, is what makes social media such an awful place, most of the time.

Blocking in a social setting is a ridiculous idea. It also creates trolls. Not the ones that were described before the popularity of social media, but the new kind, that used that method to get the last word in. It protects the bully from the victim tattletale, as what happens here, in the case of The DiDi Delgado.

I hope you manage to get through to Medium Staff and get a response — hopefully, one that will direct them to action that will indicate to the small community here that their Terms of Service are enforced no matter your political affiliation or to which advocacy group you belong.