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I would very much like for you or the so-called ‘experts’ to define what authoritarianism is, which world leader was or is an authoritarian, and what do they have in common with Trump, keeping in line of what actually makes them authoritarians.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen thus far, the so-called experts are a bunch of leftists (and I don’t mean left-leaning, but leftists) college professors who enjoy flinging verbal diarrhea toward the right.

Sure, some of Trump’s narrative and actions might be slightly authoritarian, but none of those, thus far, have followed any distinct line of authoritarianism.

This just brings any rational reader who isn’t married to the progressive ideas to the conclusion that you don’t even understand the grounds on which you judge others. For you, it seems, everything is authoritarian and the political right only wants to take your freedoms away, while you support taking the freedoms from others.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you’ll even consider your faults or that you might be working from a flawed mindset. Next article will be the same.

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