Women Policing Women: the Prison Of Belief
Ozzy Etomi

I’m still waiting for an article by a feminist that makes any sort of logical sense. Something I can disagree with, but with the author being rational enough to not talk in hyperboles and made up terminology (or the butchering of pre-existing terms). Above all, someone with enough self-awareness to question themselves before posting, “what if I reverse the roles? What if I apply that criticism to myself and my point of view?”

I won’t hold my breath. Not on a platform like Medium, anyway.

My main issue with your piece is the way you look at marriage as a prison. As you being under someone else, rather than entering into an equal partnership. You assume the worse about people and then remain surprised when they treat you similarly.

The most popular feminist talking point is: “We are not bra-burning, man-hating, bible-thumping, lesbians. This is a cliche.” Actually. It’s not. Well, maybe the ‘lesbian’ part is over exaggerated, but society sees you as this angry personality that refuses to take part in anything that you can’t shape to your liking, and continually cite your bibles for you skewed morality and idiotic perception of reality.

Perhaps, if you would have stopped for a moment and asked yourself what the other person have to say, instead of throwing the “mansplaining” and “internalized misogyny” terms at them. If you would ask why people don’t like what you say, instead of assuming it’s because of ‘biggotry’ and ‘sexism’ or other buzzwords, you might have managed to make feminism mean anything.

Seriously, you don’t see the problem in writing a post about women policing other women, while trying to police other women?!