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Laci’s opinion didn’t actually change all that much. She still thinks along similar lines but without the facade of victimhood dictating her narrative and without hiding from the many criticisms she received throughout her time on YouTube.

Her greatest crime, beyond just questioning her beliefs, is the relationship with an anti-feminist. For most third-wave feminists, this is consorting with the enemy and an offense more severe than actually being an anti-feminist.

Laci is still a feminist but leaning more toward the second-wave, than the third-wave or the now forming fourth-wave.

As for The Establishment, it’s nothing new and the fact that they use the cover of darkness to harass and libel people is just another indication of the tendency of the political left to destroy anyone who won’t follow their ever-changing morals. Quite frankly, the left has returned to its fascist roots.

I’ve seen the interview between Green and Dave Rubin where she notes how the anti-feminists were suddenly the people who defended her and were the emotional support from the barrage of feminists attacking her.

When your enemy gives you comfort, you might want to check who your friends are.

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