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No matter how much people repeat this argument, it still doesn’t make any sense.

Hollywood stopped caring about art and quality about 25 years ago. They really don’t care about the color of the actor’s skin, what type of actor or actress is best suited for a specific role, and no care is given to the script, directing, or acting. It’s all about the bottom line and the formula that will have the most chance to increase it. That’s it.

Your interest in a movie being true to its source does not bother the studio who finance this endeavor. The studio knows that actor X and actress Y are popular, reach the top of search results on Google, and frequently talked about on social media. That is why they decide to go with a certain actor or actress. Not because they think they are the best fit for the role.

But still, maybe a better idea than having Scarlett Johansson, who is white, play a cyborg with a Japanese woman’s brain would’ve been to have a Japanese woman, who is Japanese, play the cyborg with a Japanese woman’s brain, what with the Japanese woman having a Japanese woman’s brain and all.

You’ll need to explain this to me. How does the brain of the actor change the script of the movie or the direction given by the director? Why does it matter, other than making an effort of being true to the source? If the studio chose to cast an eastern looking actress, would you care if she was Japanese? Does the audience need her to have been born in Japan, or does she just need to look Asian enough?

Did you have an issue with Lucy Liu casting in the remake of the 1976 TV show Charlie’s Angels? Or does this argument only relevant when the actor is white instead of any other ‘minority’ group?

Finally, do you care about the movie itself, regardless of the racial issue? Do you care about the changes that the scriptwriter, director, and the studio made to the original work? Whether or not they remained true to the direction of the movie origins? Unless you hold both in the same regards, you have no place criticizing some random casting decisions.