Dude. Her “ideology” is to just be nice to people.

Her “ideology” is to just be nice to people. Or at the very least, don’t be a dick to people.

No. What is suggested here is give preferential treatment to women. Don’t interact with them in any way, shape, or form and give them so much space that they’ll feel disconnected from their male coworkers. In turns, it will just cement the argument that women feel as “the other” in the workforce and are not accepted as equals.

Women are telling you they don’t like getting hit on at work.

No. Feminists do. Feminism is not the arbiter of what women feel, believe, or want. No one can talk for women, men, Hispanics, Muslim, blacks, etc. Those are big groups of many people, many points of view, and a multitude of personalities. No one has the right to speak for all of them.

It’s not about “getting hit on,” but being harassed with comments, inappropriate jokes that make both men and women uncomfortable, and other socially unacceptable behavior.

I know many couples who met at the workplace, and none of them felt threatened when a man (or a woman) approached them and suggested they see each other in a more casual way . Nuances may apply, of course, such as the way the suggestion is broached and how long the two people know each other before the proposal.

We just live in an era when men are terrified approaching women in a casual way, less they are perceived as harassers and predators.

They don’t like being expected to have romantic/sexual relationships with their colleagues and superiors.

Superiors are one thing. But a male approaching a female coworker after knowing her for a few month, of being friendly, is not having an expectation. It’s someone putting himself out there and taking a chance. Demonizing him for taking that chance is making the women a delicate flower that should never be approached. It’s making her a child, rather than an adult who can respond in kind.

They are equals. Respect their wishes.

You don’t know what their wishes are. One woman perspective on the subject is not an indication of how every woman feels about it.

The ridiculous point that the author suggested is that because of a random man asking a woman out, that women might quit her job and decide to be a crazy cat-lady. This is ridiculous and is based on ideology, rather than reality.