Agree, the corporate media is a much greater and more immediate threat to our democracy than Russia…
Paul Frantizek

Not that I don’t agree but I believe that the outside influence is not the key part of the behavior of the media.

The media tends to be on the left, rather than on the right and forcefully portray reality as it suits their agendas. You could see it with mainstream media outlets and even alternative media outlets that don’t get money or general influence from foreign sources but still push the same narratives.

The key issue, I believe is their lack of diversity of thought and the lack of journalistic integrity. They are activists, not just pundits. They have a stake in the results of politics and are not just the people reporting it.

But it’s not just the mainstream media, but also celebrities who got to a popularity position by merits not relating to politics and yet serve as moral busybodies trying to influence politics based on their own worldview. Unfortunately, celebrity narratives still hold weight and can still influence people who see those individuals as idols to imitate. Mostly with the younger generation, but still.

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