(There are male Mary Sues, in case you’re wondering: “Marty Stu,” “Gary Stu,” and other variations have shown up over the years. People try to counter, even undercut, the inherent misogyny in the Mary Sue conversation by naming too-competent, too-desirable leading men — Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, and James Bond are famous examples. There’s an old joke: “What do you call a male Mary Sue?” The answer? “A protagonist.” It’s…not a particularly funny joke.)
Mary Sue
Elizabeth Minkel

Of course, it’s misogyny. I’ve come to expect nothing else. Just a quick question, is there something that isn’t misogyny in this day and age? Does any criticism of female equals hatred, contempt, or prejudice of all females?

Only feminists have this joke. This is why Ripley from Alien (1979) is an extremely popular character that no one dares to label as a Marry Sue. Has anyone tried painting Princess Leia from the StarWars franchise as a marry sue?

Should I find male characters in movie history that critics scoffed at? Will it prove anything?