The only ‘snowflakes’ I have seen are conservatives who seem to believe that the world being unfair…
Christopher Kidwell

The true snowflakes are on the conservative/religious side of things who when someone tells them “No, you do not have the right to harass X group!” get PO’d royally and “ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!”
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

You’re pretty much describing the left, losing their mind because their preferred candidate didn’t win the election, using violence to silence a person who they don’t like and believe his ideas to be dangerous.

You are on a perceived moral high ground that allows you to imagine the world as you wish it to be, rather than what it truly is. There are Conservatives who are pro-LGBT, don’t agree with an authoritarian government that interferes with people private lives and what they choose to do with their bodies, and generally trying to promote a fair system.

On the other hand, there are also leftists who support suppression of freedom of expression, taking rights from people they don’t like, treating massive groups as second class citizens, and generally condemn anyone who doesn’t follow their narrow worldview.

Don’t try to portray the political left as some altruistic and fair system that the mere thought of opposing it is offensive. That is what you blame conservatives for doing.