Realizing you lost touch with the public — the real public — is often not such a pleasant experience.

CNN reached that realization with the story of Timothy Stanley, “Why Trump’s supporters still love him.” Timothy, a self declared conservative, ‘ponders’ the reasons for Trump’s fan base and his continued popularity.

On a whole, he seems genuine with his questions and has a reasonable conclusion:

And here’s the genius of his anti-media strategy: Even if he fails, it’s not his fault. Trump and his base believe the conspiracy against them is enormous and almost unbeatable.

This is a reasonable assumption and could, in part, be true. The problem that Timothy can’t cope with is the reason no one is actually listening to their reasoned arguments and their conclusions about Trump.

In essence, CNN and other left-leaning news outlets have shown their hand. They indicated that they don’t really care about the information itself or the people journalists suppose to answer to. It’s their own political leaning that dictated their actions throughout the election cycle and afterward. In no point have they stopped to apply reason and made an effort in being balanced in their reporting, but instead use their platforms to attack and plant seeds of discontent with the public.

If it weren’t for that fact, the public and even Trump’s fans might have listened to your arguments and you would even have persuaded some with your logical argumentation. Unfortunately, there is “too much blood in the waters” and most of the public that doesn’t already support you, won’t listen.

Donald Trump needs the media. Attacking the media is part of the reason he won. Hatred of the media is one of things that will rally his troops around him as he tries to do his job. Ironically, the media needs Trump, too. As the President has often said, he’s great for ratings.

Yes. That’s the crux of the matter. The media needed Trump as their punching bag throughout the election and afterward to find a reason to exempt themselves from any blame. And yes, he won due to the media coverage of him. Of course, this was not the media’s intent, as its focus was almost solely on mockery and trying to sway people toward the side of Hillary, which in itself went against the media impartiality.

People were mocking Fox News for years for being so biased that most of the reasons for viewing them is to deride and to see how they have lost touch with the common person. Unfortunately, more and more outlets are joining Fox News type of jounalism.

I guess left-leaning media publications are now realizing what it means and what it entails. They are no longer on the inside, looking out, but on the outside, looking in.

The first thing the media needs to do is to regain the trust of the people. It’s telling people you were wrong with your coverage and that you actually tried to find faults instead of pointing to them — on both sides of the political spectrum, not just the side you don’t support.

Afterward, when writing about the good and bad parts of the president, people will have more reasons to listen and not deride you and dismiss your perspective out of hand.

It’s not about Trump. It’s about the support you lost. Support you now need to earn back.