So, let’s recap:

  1. If you contest any of the ideas promoted by feminism and/or social justice, you are, in fact, proving their point. Reasoned argument and impartial data are irrelevant.
  2. Suggesting that the approach to an idea promoted by feminism and/or social justice is flawed and counter-productive is heresy.
  3. The only intellectual people are actually women and all of them are feminists. Other points of view or conflicting intellectual positions are actually harmful and should be squashed. Only one perspective is valid and it is with the feminist approach.
  4. We live in a “Patriarchal world” in which more money is directed to the benefit of women than the benefits of men and where society bends to the whims of organizations of social justice and feminism. This, of course, is a bad thing for feminism and social justice and only prove why this system needs to fall.
  5. Although men keep fighting women as a whole, women and especially feminists are in a power position in most of the media. This also proves the existence of the Patriarchy.
  6. One instance of a group of men committing evil acts is proof that all men commit those acts. The reverse cannot be true when considering the evils that some women commit. As a caveat, if the man committing the evil deeds is any ethnicity or race other than a white male, he might be free of wrongdoing as he personally was oppressed by something the white man did.

I can go on, but it seems pointless at this point. You might feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside with all the actions and narratives made by feminists and I hope that gives you hope and stability.

Personally, it aggravates me. From everything I’ve seen of feminism, it became an anti-women movement, making women miserable, forcing their will upon every woman in the western world.

Your plea for me to accept feminism into my heart, as though it is some benevolent deity is ridiculous and frightening. All their narratives are harmful, with a minority of feminists that might do good work. It is a dangerous cult that elevates certain personalities to the forefront without those people earning their place in this sphere or doing anything worthwhile.

I will not accept anyone claiming oppression unless they bring compelling evidence that shows their oppression. Shouting oppression without backing it up, just leads to the conclusion that the person is indeed harmful to society and enjoy lording his (or her) power over others, fighting to make other people lives miserable.

I will continue to oppose this movement ideology wherever I encounter it because supporting it, as it currently stands is actually evil.

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