Yes you have been given plenty for being a man, just because no one came up to you and said,” hey…
Dallas Aranjo

You don’t decide whether or not you receive privilege

So who decides? You? People with the same ideas as you? Those who try and find any example that might indicate as such?

You fail to grasp your own privilege for being female, the things that you acquire with less work than men or your higher start in life. You just ignore it as it does not suit your preconceived notions.

It is also your privilege to believe that everyone should step up and be a like a man

No. I believe that a position requires a particular individual and unless you prove the company that their requirements are flawed, you need to fit the job and not vice-versa.

The entire idea that society needs to bend to fit women sensibilities is counter productive and in the end, will contribute to fewer women being hired. You also only care about the high-paying managerial positions when discussing equality. Not really the uncomfortable, lower paying jobs.

when the standards that have been set were never meant to include certain marginalized groups

“Marginalized groups” is not an argument. It’s the lack of any. You also don’t have any factual evidence to back this up, apart from the experiences of others, who only have their own perspective and lack the perspective of the other group.

Also, are women ‘marginalized’ now?

When you go to the mechanic to fix your car they probably don’t call you sweetie and tell you in a codescending tone how i probably didn’t know what i was talking about and he would check to find out the real problem.

Men usually don’t call me sweetie. Women, on the other hand, do.

That’s nice of you to find the field that usually interests and managed by men. Now do the same to those female dominated roles and positions. Let’s discuss how teachers in school, who are mostly female, tend to give extra attention to female students, rather than their male counterparts. How boys are expected to follow the girls lead and how they are expected to use the same thinking patterns, ignoring how men are different.

Does any of this a concern for you? Or just the thing that fit your narrative of ‘inequality’?

I doubt you have to deal with random men grabbing you because they think they have a right to my body

My body is not that attractive, and without calling you a liar, I don’t believe this statement. It happens to some, but you make it out to be an epidemic of men grabbing women, which is false.