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Stop glorifying stupid people doing stupid things.

Nothing that the holier-than-thou teens has any ground if fact and this is just hyperbole that should have been ignored by anyone with a modicum of self-respect.

“It’s not a woman’s issue, it’s just a human issue” is an argument by the weak minded who can’t really form any argument that has merit in and of itself. Instead, it’s easier to spew moral nonsense that only convinces the already convinced.

You may like to imagine a world where policies don’t have a downside, but alas, this is not our world.

Why not force doctors to arrive at people homes and business to diagnose them once a weak — after all, it’s important to find all those conditions early — to give them the proper care without forcing people to take the bus (which is disease ridden, don’t you know)? Transportation cost money and you forcing them to go to the doctor is the same as to stealing. You only think of the rich, don’t you?