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When you look at the animal kingdom in relation to all these ideas, you realise that humans have a special form of stupidity that is all their own.

That’s the problem with free will. We have the freedom to be idiots.

And it may be demonstrable in some studies that babies of race X prefer to mingle with other babies of race X rather than other babies of race Y or whatever — but so what? Growing up is about learning that evolution and life itself is about variety. And overcoming our primitive fears…

It’s not prejudice, but an innate function of the brain in associating with others. If you’re a movie enthusiast, you will be attracted to other movie enthusiasts. You don’t use that parameter as a barrier as to whom you allow yourself to associate with, but it will innately be something your brain interpret as preferable.

It is also not something you can learn or unlearn. Even people who were racists, but confronted their prejudice, didn’t change because of something they were born with, but that along the way certain people or certain situations shaped the way they think about the other race. At all time they were aware of the way they think about the other race but justified it in various ways. It was never invisible to them.

If I have some prejudice, it should be easy to point out. Alas, the ambiguity of the prejudice used in those situations prevents me from addressing said prejudice. I can not accept something I am not aware of, and telling me to be aware is counter productive, without actually pointing at something.

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