I suspect that it won’t make a bit of difference to state what Clapper actually said, and it won’t…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

The burden of proof lies with the party making the claim, not the one defending the claim.

This is the point that everyone on the left seems to be missing: Unless someone proves the Trump-Russia conspiracy, it remains a conspiracy. No one should debunk it, the people in charge should stop throwing allegations and supply the proof that they seem to base their investigation on.

The left is making itself seem more and more ridiculous when they stick with that story.

Is there a tie? Did Russia interfere in the election with Trump’s collusion? Could be. But unless you bring any kind of proof (not more speculations), you just seem like a petty conspiracy theorist (the left as a whole, not you in particular) that can’t accept that the elections didn’t go your way.

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