Why Aren’t Democratic Men as Politically Active as Women?
John McDermott

The rhetoric of “we elected a monster” is getting stale, to tell you the truth.

The “women march” was just another example of people being motivated by buzzwords. I saw a few videos about the march, where the participants didn’t really know why they were there, what they were protesting against, or to what end. They just followed the rhetoric of ‘feminism’ and ‘pussy.’

Like Brexit, we have countless of individuals who go insane because the polls didn’t reflect their personal beliefs and the person they wanted isn’t in office. Quite frankly, the entire thing is childish and only serve to create a divide.

Those women are not fit to run a nation. A country cannot govern by gender studies majors. Those women can only talk about themselves, they only want power for power sake to make themselves feel ‘empowered.’ If you want women to run a government, find the ones who actually care about the political system (apart from wanting to vote for ‘vagina’), and are intelligent enough to build or maintain a system. Those women exist, but they tend not to take part in such march.

The men you lament for not participating are perhaps the reasonable individuals who see and understand that the person they wanted was not elected and the one that did, even if unfit and the wrong choice is still their president. Perhaps they are waiting for the right event, the right policy, or the right opportunity to go and march. Not just march because it’s currently popular to say fuck-you to the system.