One does not begin an investigation only when one has proof.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

The thing is, people don’t really care about the investigation itself. Not on the right and not on the left.

We are living in an age where public opinion dictate the law. Why do all those officials need to be constantly interviewed about an investigation that is ongoing without any evidence that ties Trump with the allegations? Why is it talked about for months with very little new information (if at all)?

This is trial by popular opinion, which in essence, is mob justice. The entire investigation was already tainted and any future information that might tie Trump and Russia together will be discarded as biased.

Pundits are establishing a method in which Trump can publically announce that he colluded with Russia and might not be held accountable. Is that really the reality you want to live in? This is not a right vs. left issue but a common sense issue.