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I also don’t feel remorse for anyone but the young forced to pick up the pieces of my generation’s and generations of dumb decisions.

The young are idiots. Always and throught history. Why? Because they are the young and still have much to learn about life and reallity. The notion that the young hold some intelligence that the more mature don’t is laughable.

Those adults you mention, are the ones who fought wars, who advocated for rights, and worked within governments to get things done. Do you enjoy mocking those who protested in the civil rights movement during the 1960's? Maybe you refer to the social movements of the 70’s, that although had many flaws (maybe some were because they were young), also made allot of progress.

Why does “free speech” always seem to mean the right to be an asshole? It doesn’t. No one has that right.

Then why are you being an asshole? Are you advocating against your own rights?