Point taken, Shachar, but my comment was a little tongue in cheek.
Chris Graham

was that the content (notwithstanding the pictures, I’m more referring to the plotting) is somewhat simplistic and more suited for kids

There are levels of maturity in comics. Keep in mind that the kids who grew up reading comics could appreciate them in adulthood. The comics may differ and an entire industry might target some comic to a mature audience.

they are really kids’ comics masquerading as books for grown ups.

I don’t think they are masquerading as anything. I don’t find the covers to be overly sexual. They usually follow the “power fantasy” line, rather than the “sexual exploitation” line.

As I mentioned previously, there is a case that can be made against those covers, based on morality and age-appropriate material, but on a whole, the examples are pretty tame.

I accept that they’re an artform of their own, but I don’t really class them as literature.

I agree. Comics are not literature and should never be framed as a literary work. They are their own storytelling medium that has positive and negative aspects.

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